Tinker Bell Almost Got Towed

by Ken Baake

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I saw a car get towed one day when I was riding my bike from home to the Texas Tech campus. I think it was a repo job. The owner's belongings were out on the curb. I blended these images with others from around town and in my imagination to come up with this song.

I know how tough it can be for an established adult making a regular salary to stay ahead of bill collectors. It's really hard for kids-- especially in our media frenzied society where they are led to believe they are entitled to expensive consumer goods, no questions asked.


Tinker Bell almost Got Towed
Silhouetted figure on a deep blue SUV.

Young girl at her momma’s
24 with a boy turned three.
Recovery tow truck driver and chains are there.

But not the child’s daddy,

More scared than he can care.

Jesus on the window with a passage from John 16.
Clothes spilling out
And a memento from a claw machine.
Tinker Bell figure, he won it on their first date.
A girl’s inspiration
But they’re towing her away.

Grandma’s out the door, runs and flags the driver down.
He lowers the chain
For a minute he can stick around.
She piles the clothes and mementos in a cardboard box
Tinker has a new home.
Crowded in the garage.

How do all our children
Get stuck in all these jams?
When for you and me it’s easy to go home.

D G f#m A
And how do all these devils get to play?

How do all our daughters
Get impaled on bad choices.
A G f#m D
When they’re just trying to make it through the day.

Grandma’s love, like Jesus, knows no bounds.
Makes room for second chances.
In a corner of her house.
Tinker Bell was rescued along with hope today.
Love for a family
They couldn’t tow that away.


released June 24, 2015
Ken, guitar, banjo, vocal
Engineer/Producer Amy DeVoge
Crossroads Recording Studio, Texas Tech

Tinker Bell image
Tinker Bell at Pixie Hollow, Disneyland.

Date 18 May 2012, 02:25:03
Source Flickr: Tinkerbell
Author mydisneyadventures


tags: folk Lubbock


all rights reserved


Ken Baake Lubbock, Texas

Ken was born in Baltimore in 1955. He grew up hearing everyone from Johnny Mercer and Ray Charles to the Beatles on the family hi-fi, with a usual Saturday encore of Wagner's operas. Ken has degrees in English and economics and a background in journalism. He is currently an associate professor of English at Texas Tech, teaching classes in rhetoric. ... more

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