Old White Guys

by Ken Baake

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This is a tongue in cheek look at the nervous world we live in. Or is it more that men are bored and like to dream up scenarios that get their adrenaline up? After all, none of us men--old and white, young and black or any other combination--evolved to work in cubicles all day. Maybe men are afraid that if they are not hunting or protecting they don't matter.

Or maybe it is just that everyone needs something to be afraid of.


Old White Guys
April 22, 2015
John come on. I’ve got dinner.
C dm G
Please turn off that TV.
You know it’s not good for your pressure.
dm G C
Or for the grandkids to see.
am |F G|
Old white guys are often fearful.
am G am
But we hide it well with ire.
am F G
In the mornings we might be cheerful.
Am G am (walk Eb dim, b > c)
But by night we start to tire.

I remember you used to garden.

Now you stare at the screens.

Ruminate about the country.

Things you know you cannot change.


You can always go to another gun show.

Or you could walk with me.

One lays siege to all your demons.

The other might just set them free.


Do you really think the United Nations,

Will deploy from the Walmart lot?

Take away your home and freedom.

Finish you off with an anthrax shot?


John come on, see the children

As they sing rhymes for you.

Let your guard down for a while.

Cheers us all, when you do.

Cheers all all, when you do.


released May 21, 2015
Ken, vocals, guitar, banjo
Alexa: flute

Recorded and engineered by Amy DeVoge at Crossroads Recording Studio, Texas Tech.


tags: folk Lubbock


all rights reserved


Ken Baake Lubbock, Texas

Ken was born in Baltimore in 1955. He grew up hearing everyone from Johnny Mercer and Ray Charles to the Beatles on the family hi-fi, with a usual Saturday encore of Wagner's operas. Ken has degrees in English and economics and a background in journalism. He is currently an associate professor of English at Texas Tech, teaching classes in rhetoric. ... more

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